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The Seal Doctor by Risk Racing Helps Keep Your Fork Seals Clean

A leaking fork seal is bound to happen. Over time and enough time riding, some debris is bound to work it's way into the seal. If you catch it soon enough you may be able to avoid any damage and get back to riding. 

To use the Seal Doctor, Just lower the dust seal and snap the Seal Doctor on your fork tube. Then gently work the Seal Doctor into the leaky seal and twist. The design of the Seal Doctor maintains the proper position and angle as you rotate around your fork tube. You don’t even need to remove most fork guards.

It is important to note that it effortlessly pulls the dirt OUT of the fork rather than pushing it deeper into the fork. You can also run your dust seal through the lower tooth on the Seal Doctor in order to clean that seal up as well. Now just clean the fork up and put the dust seal back in place.


Note: The Seal Doctor is a maintenance tool designed to help keep your fork seals clean. The Seal Doctor can help remove dirt and debris from your seals but this is not a repair. If you have damaged seals, you will need to replace them. 

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