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The MudAxe is the Powersports Mud Scraper from Risk Racing

When you ride offroad, you develop an intimate relationship with mud. You are eventually going to pack every nook and cranny of your bike with mud. Understanding how mud affects the performance of the bike is vital. An engine packed with mud will tend to overheat quicker, and the added weight from the excess mud will negatively impact your bikes power, suspension performance and overall handling. Scraping as much mud off your bike before washing will also help to mitigate damage from pressure washers etc. 

  • The ergonomic “arched” design of the body is great for scraping the inside of your fender.
  • The pick on the other end of the Mud Axe is perfect for clearing foot pegs, brake pedals, the engine case, suspension linkages, and any other tight spot that mud finds its way into.
  • The head of the Mud Axe is shaped to make swift work of fenders as well as hubs and wheels, which is important in reducing rotating mass

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