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The FLEXIBOWL is THE Ultimate Travel Dish From humangear.

The crushable, stuffable, packable, convertible silicone bowl for moto-camping. Or any camping really. Made from food-safe silicone, FlexiBowl is perfect for eating on-the-go. Its unique shape is easy to hold, and the concave bottom provides stability on rough surfaces. The inward-facing upper section helps retain heat and prevent spills, or it can be folded down to create a smaller bowl or large cup. The high-gloss interior is super easy to wipe clean, and interior volume markings make campfire cooking a snap. Designed to work with humangear’s GoBites utensils, the bottom of the FlexiBowl is shaped just like the GoBites spoon, ensuring no food goes to waste.

  • Convertible between a tall bowl and small bowl/large cup
  • Unique silicone material allows for easy packing
  • FDA-food safe, BPA-free, PC-free, Phthalate-free
  • humangear Lifetime Warranty
  • Freezer safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe

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  • Unfolded: 3 cups or 700 ML
  • Folded: 2 cups or 500 ML

Cold / Heat Limits

  • - 40 F (-40 C)
  • 375 F (190 C)

Dry Weight

  • 119 grams / 4.19 ounces

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