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A protective exoskeleton for your Baofeng UV-5R style radios. This mounts to the radio using the two pocket clip screw holes. **Longer screws are included.

The Exoskeleton prevents the volume knob from accidentally adjusting and the PTT button from being pressed and inadvertently broadcasting your braaap. Access to all necessary buttons and functions of the radio are preserved with the Exoskeleton. 

An elegant solution designed and produced by a small family run business here in the USA!


The Exoskeleton is designed for the Baofeng UV-5R. 

However, it will usually also fit the the BF-F8HP and the UV-5R8W models as well. The BF-F8HP and the UV-5R8W (UV-5R+) radio bodies are slightly different than that of the original UV-5R. In our experience, many users have had no fitment issues with these models. Those that do encounter issues can usually fix them by filing out the mounting holes very slightly, removing a small amount of material, to shift the mounting of the Exoskeleton on the radio. This helps avoid volume knob interference, which is the most common issue.

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