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Wind noise?MOTO is engineered with precision & designed for comfort. Earpeace earplugs are the gear you didn’t know you needed. Reduce wind noise & fatigue. Have your best ride.

What's included?

3 Sets of Filters in Medium(17dB/Clear), High (20dB/Red) & Max (26dB/Black) protection
2 Sets of Earplugs in Small & Standard size
1 Aluminum Carrying Case

Care and Use

Wipe the earplugs off with a damp cloth each time you wear them. If they become particularly dirty you can wash them in warm soapy water, however remove the attenuation filter before submerging the earplug in water. Reinsert the filter only after the earplug has dried completely.

View the instructional video on how to properly insert EARPEACE.

Note: Earplugs should be replaced at any sign of wear and tear.

For the MOTO PRO Earplugs:  CLICK HERE

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