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Doubletake Mirrors Adventure Mirrors Available in a Set or as a Single

Doubletake Mirrors are literally the first thing we swap out on every bike that comes into our shop. Removing the stock mirrors on a bike and installing Doubletake Mirrors is easily one of the best improvements you can make to your motorcycle.

The Adventure Mirror is sold in pairs or individually.

  • The Adventure Mirror offers the ultimate in visibility and durability for Adventure bikes.
  • Recommended for applications where mirror will be extended most of the time, although it still folds very well.
  • Easy to fold, remove, or swap between bikes
  • Mirror Dimensions = 135mm x 90mm (5.25" x 3.5")
  • Overall length = 175mm (7")
  • SAE spec convex lens - DOT spec glass
  • Unbreakable housing - Made from reinforced Zytel

Included w/ a Set: Two Adventure Mirrors, two 6” RAM Arms, two Ball Stud Bases (10 x 1.25mm thread), two Extension adapters (10 x 1.25mm), two Beemer adapters (10 x 1.5mm), and one Reverse-Thread adapter (10mm x 1.25)

Included w/ a Single Mirror: One Adventure Mirror, one 6” RAM Arms, one Ball Stud Bases (10 x 1.25mm thread), one Extension Adapters (10 x 1.25mm), one Beemer adapter (10 x 1.5mm), and one Reverse-Thread adapter (10mm x 1.25)

Note: Additional adaptors required for pre-2005 Beemer and 2019-current Scrambler 1200. Let us know!





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Customer Reviews

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Drew Minenna
The Best Mirror Option

Had Doubletake mirrors on my enduro bike, when I got the bigger bike that was going to see more pavement these were a must. Just the adjustability factor alone makes them worth it. After fighting to adjust the stock mirrors these are a please to use and ride with. Not to mention these are pretty safe in the event of a crash. These are a definite for anyone on an adventure bike that might see some offroad miles.