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CRUZTOOLS - COMBO AXLE WRENCH - 14 mm x 22 mm x 32 mm

CruzTools Combo Axle Wrench For Axle Nuts and Retainers

Combining several different tools into a single tool is something we are always looking for. Two wrenches available from CruzTool to fit 32mm or 27mm axle nuts with 14mm & 22mm wrenches built into each.

  • Lightweight and compact for easy storage while offering enough leverage to get the job done while in the field
  • Perfect for removing front and rear axles during trail-side repairs or adjustments
  • Chrome polished finish with laser-etched markings
  • The 14 mm size is good for most spark plugs
  • Overall length is 8 inches / 203mm
  • Lifetime guarantee - no questions asked

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