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The DRZ400 is a living legend. The only thing it lacks is more time to ride it. At least there is a great way to increase it's range with 3.9 gallons vs the 2.5 gallons of the stock tank. Acerbis fuel tanks are constructed of reticulated polyethylene with capacities significantly larger than stock for the extra range you need to explore the unknown. Because Acerbis tanks fit with your stock plastics and don’t change the look or performance of your bike, you’ll find new and uncharted trails on the same familiar bike you’re used to. So when a remote trail calls your name, take an adventure with the increased range of Acerbis fuel tanks.


  • 2000 - 2023 DRZ400S
  • 2000 - 2023 DRZ400SM


  • Reticulated Polyethylene
  • The DRZ400 tanks come with a petcock
  • All Acerbis tanks include gas cap, and vent hose
  • Plastic gas cap with carbon texture
  • Larger capacity than stock
  • Does not alter riding position
  • Fits with factory plastics, tanks may replace some shrouds.
  • Multiple colors available
  • Some models may come with hardware and others may re-use OEM hardware.

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